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Knitted Regency Era Pineapple Purse 

Pineapple Purse Very Rare early 1800’s -

Pineapple Purse Very Rare early 1800’s -

a delicious treasure

This is a very rare example of of a never used small Regency era Pineapple Purse. It fits nicely in the palm of a hand. It may have been for a child or a doll.

A Rare Regency Pineapple Purse

The Purse can be identified by the stitching and construction.

The top of the purse has pointed leaves. The center fruit section has a unique, unusual three-dimensional stitch with tiny bead at each segment tip.

The bottom rows of leaves are a contrasting color with an upward direction without a bead on the tip. At the centered base is a rounded stitch representing the fruit’s stem core.

Is it authentic? - looking for clues

Because of the rarity of this Pineapple Purse, there are some reasons to believe it is a Regency Era original. Let me explain…

First is the tiny size: 9.5cm long x 6cm wide. Many similar designs on the web site like Etsy are much larger made from contemporary patterns.

The pattern of this purse is similar to the instructions from an 1840’s English lady’s book: ‘The ladies assistant for executing useful and fancy designs in knitting, netting, and crochet work’ by Mrs. Jane Gaugain.  A more exacting visual is the Pineapple Purse/Reticule in the Koyoto Museum that is dated 1800-1810.

The  beads on the leaf tips are very tiny. They are no longer made, and even more difficult to get a needle through. They were common in early 1800’s when needlework was a well regarded skill.

Last was how I found this purse at an online auction from Great Britain. There were several lots of early purses from the same seller. This lot included 4 purses of the Regency Era listed as Victorian. This purse is described as “a beautiful knitted example with raised detail forming a shape of a flower.”. The price for the lot was very reasonable!.

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